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What do you wish for?

The german psychologist Oettingen found out that positive visualization and simple todo lists rarely worked, and then invented the WOOP system that gives you the discipline to prioritize and achieve the goals most important to you.

Project management made simple

Keep your goals and planning in the cloud, available from anywhere. Set up your main objectives or projects first and then assemble a to do list with the most important tasks. Clean, simple and effective.

The scientifically validated strategy

There are thousands of ways to coach yourself and keep track of your visions, but few of them are scientifically validated like WOOP. The planning tool first developed by Gabriele Oettingen – a german psychologist and scientist – have since conquered all parts of the world, changing peoples lives.

Pay what you want

Everyone deserves to achieve their goals which is why you can use the tools completely for free. But I too have goals, and would love for you to donate a few bucks to help me pay the rent and continue development on this amazing service.